Posted by: Kara | January 4, 2010

Start Your Engines!

Reading: The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger
Page: 50 of 518

I’m excited to say my BBC Book List challenge has begun! I’m starting off easy with The Time Traveler’s Wife. 50 pages in, I’m already enjoying it. I’m trying to get used to all the time-jumping in the book. It’s starting to look like the book is still linear in its story-telling – switching between Henry and Clare’s POVs (points of view) at certain moments in time. It’s safe to say that I’ll enjoy this book. I may watch the movie once done as I don’t want to spoil anything beforehand.

I remember as a child how excited I got when I received a new book for my birthday or Christmas, or how thrilling it was to visit the local library or book store and search the stacks for a new wonder. Topping all of my wish lists every year was books. I commend my parents for instilling a love of reading into my life, and I firmly believe that my love of writing stemmed directly from this.

My niece received a new book for her birthday (which happens to be today – Happy 5th Birthday Belle!), and her reaction this past weekend brought me back to my excitement over books. Although she can’t read yet, she loves to be read to every night by her mom or dad, relishing, I’m sure, her time alone with one or the other.

Next reading session will be possibly at the gym tonight or before bed. A slow cooker pot of ratatouille last night means a simple dinner and an early start to reading!


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