Posted by: Kara | May 7, 2010

The Lost Journals of Toronto

Reading: Dracula – Bram Stoker
Page: 286 of 327

I’m nearing the end of Dracula! I predict I’ll be done within the next week or so, which is great because my next book is itching to be read. I’ll write a full review of Dracula as well as give a preview of the next book in the next post!

Until then, I wanted to blog about an interesting experiment to Toronto Public Library did throughout the month of April. As part of its Keep Toronto Reading festival, representatives scattered 99 red-covered journals across Toronto. In these journals, they hope to find citizens sharing their favourite books.

When a journal is found, the hope is the finder will write a few tidbits about their favourite book, and then “lose” it again for someone else to find. I’m curious as to what happened and if anyone really wrote about their favourites. The TPL promised to post a list of Toronto’s favourite books at a later date, but my faith in the human population tells me few people really wrote serious things in it. But maybe I’m just a skeptic?

Read more about the project in this Toronto Star article: ‘Lost’ journals to reveal city’s most loved books.

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