Reading usually comes in waves for me. As a child, reading was second nature and my night stand was never devoid of a piece of literature. The Berenstain Bears taught me lessons, as did Mercer Mayer books. Robert Munsch‘s goofy tales kept me laughing while snuggled in bed listening to my mother’s voice.

As I got older, The Baby-sitters Club and Baby-sitters Little Sister books gave me freedom to explore the book world on my own. Later, I delved into the spooky world of Fear Street by R.L. Stine.

My tastes grew as I reached high school, and discovered John Irving and Margaret Atwood. Shakespeare was always required text during these years. However, as I approached university, my time dedicated to reading fell to the wayside. I instead was encroached by the world of textbooks and theories. Reading for fun no longer existed. For several years, I found myself just not reading literature. And further more, I realized I hadn’t read the so-called “classics”.

So here I am committing to reading the classics. I came across the BBC Top 100 Book List and have decided to read as many as I can in the year 2010. And to keep myself motivated, this blog will allow me to review or talk about whatever book I’m reading, whether it be good or bad.

At this blog, you’ll find a blog with reviews and thoughts, a book list of my progress, and anything else that strikes my fancy. So check back and I’m sure it’ll inspire you to get back to the classics too!

~ Kara

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